Staring Into The Middle Distance

Swimming through the stream of my tangential mind... mainly my obsession with archaeology and music

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Laura Marling

Lake District, England

Bamian Valley, Afghanistan
National Geographic | December 1932

"My soul is in the trees
It’s in the sap that fills the wood
It’s in the rings that tell her age
It’s in the smoke that marks the days
It’s in the fire in my heart
It’s in the embers in the soot
It’s in the place I put the ash
It’s in the soil
It’s in the grass
It’s in the mouths of all the herd
It’s in the beetles and the birds
It’s in the feathers that I found one morning lying on the ground
It’s hallelujah, aye and oh
It’s where I’ve been and where I go
It’s in the people that I meet
It’s kneeling silent at their feet
It’s ever dutifully yours
It stems my pride
And opens doors"

- Johnny Flynn - Bottom of the Sea Blues

"I ate another apple pie and ice cream; that’s practically all I ate all the way across the country, I knew it was nutritious and it was delicious, of course."

- Jack Kerouac - On The Road

"I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It’s nice."

- J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye)